Day 07 – Haver Distance!

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Continue to present one another distance function

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Did you remember one of the popular distance functions?

Euclidean distance. That’s right!
Every single man in a data scientist role has done before
When we need to measure between two points of 2 dimensions in space
So, select Euclidean distance for measuring

** 2 dimensions can be referred to as X and Y coordinates.
In this state, we would like to compute the distance between
X1, Y1 and X2, Y2 **

Ummm that’s ok If the data point is not the geospatial data
Literally, they are latitudes and Longitudes coordinates
This is the data that’s land on the sphere shape
We only can measure the distance between two points of geospatial data along with the earth texture

Let’s see one example

If you stand now on Thailand
and there another guy stands on the USA
So, how can we measure two points of distance

If we choose Euclidean distance for measuring
The result will be like the path that you walk through the earth core
and breakthroughs to the opposite side.
Technically, the distance is shorter than in reality.
Because it computes along a plane surface.

This effect occurs when you travel abroad
And the flight will be taken longer than usual.!

Let’s recap something

If you compute between two points on the sphere.
And two point is almost close together.
The surface of a sphere looks very much like a 2D plane.
But, at very large scale, the distance yield more curve along the surface.
So, next time when you play around with the data that is geospatial data.
Select Haver Distance for computation is a wise choice.

Example of Haver Distance applications

– Measure geospatial
– Check similarity of geospatial
– Geospatial navigation
– Customer profiling
– Route tracking

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